Acare top entry CGA992 Oxygen Regulator VSY 225


Acare Oxygen Regulator VSY-225 CGA 992 Handtight Wheel

– Material: Pure brass body with chrome coating.
– Output Pressure: 50 psi fixed.
– Flow Rate: 0~15 lpm
– Choose between side and top entry.
– Various types of inlet connection can be selected.
– Accessories: humidifier, cannula & flowmeter connector.

– Rotary Yoke
– Output pressure is fixed at 50 psi.
– Utilizes crack–resistant flow tube made of polycarbonate and accurate gauge.
– Can be used with various types of O2 cylinder, having high quality and low repair rate.
– The flow output accuracy is within ±10% which meets medical standard.
– With GMP, ISO 13485 & CE certificates.