AnD UM102 Mercury Free sphygmomanometer Desk Model Type A & TYPE B

A&D Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer UM102

A&D Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer UM-102,TYPE A & TYPE B
The UM-102 mercury-free sphygmomanometer continues the new era of professional blood pressure measurement.
UM-102 (A-TYPE) has a flat base for stocking multiple units
UM-102 (B-TYPE) is a stand alone unit that can be used with a stand
Auscultatory blood pressure measurement
Digital readout for pulse rate
Cuff holder and grip for carrying
Durable and chemical resistant body
Full ABS housing light weight body
Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use
Adjustable display column for easier analysis of result
Easy battery replacement