Animal Healing Enzyme Medication Spray


Animal Enzyme Healing Spray is a 100% natural, non toxic and environmentally friendly product, which can destroy a few hundred disease causing organisms. Animal Enzyme Healing Spray can be used in injuries and infections of any kind. It is effective in relieving pain and itchiness while reducing inflammation. It work by depriving pathogens
( such as virus, fungus, bacteria ) of their oxygen absorbing mechanism, thereby killing it by suffocation. Unlike chemical medication which also destroy beneficial enzymes and micro-organisms, Animal Enzyme Healing Spray does not harm the healthy micro-organisms. It has proven to be an extremely effective remedy against various viral and bacterial infections and diseases.
About this product
1. Animal Enzyme Healing Spray is a specially formulated spray to relieve pain and inflammation caused by infections, diseases and wounds on dog s and cats. It can be used to treat cuts, burns, rashes, allergies, abrasions, flea, insect bites and open wounds.
2. It can be directly applied onto infected site / wound as it will be painless for the animal.
3. Its anti-microbial characteristics treat both viral and bacterial infections and speeds healing.
4. Animal Enzyme Healing Spray is a MUST HAVE product in every animal lover’s home.