Averex Liquid Hand Sanitizer SD18


AVEREX HAND SANITIZER Sanicare SD18 is ethanol-based multipurpose sanitizer that is significantly more effective in eliminating viruses such as rhinovirus that causes the common cold. Also effective in destroying other pathogenic microorganisms on hands and surfaces.
High alcohol based as an effective tool for neutralizing germ when soap and water are not available.

Hand: It is used neat and auto-dispenses through Sanicare SD18 dispenser.
Apply 1 pump of to the hands and spread evenly over the skin surface to be sanitized and allow 15 seconds to air dry. Surface: It can be used to spray on hard surface with spray head. Spray few pumps on the food contact surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth to sanitize the surface.

Appearance : Clear liquid
Odour : Aromatic
Solubility : Soluble
Packing : 500 ml, pump type bottle
Specific gravity : 0.88 – 0.95
pH (1% v/v) : 5.0 – 7.0
Ethanol : ≥ 70%
Store below 30ºC

Broad kill, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
Quick drying
Non-sticky formula
Halal certified & food graded
No water necessary

Effective against gram positive and gram negative organisms
achieving a bacterial kill rate of 99.9%
Hand or application area can be sanitize within 15 seconds
Does not leave uncomfortable residues on hands
Safe to use in any application area
Convenience and save time.