Brannan Waterproof Digital Test Thermometer 31/162/0


Brannan Waterproof Digital Test Thermometer 31/162/0

Max/min memory function
Stainless steel probe with pocket case & clip
Battery included
Automatic power off after 10 minutes
Wide range of applications
Air condition
Food processing & storage
Heating & ventilation
Process control
Energy management

Operating Instructions
Press ON/OFF thermometer will execute self test then be ready for use
To obtain accurate reading, insert probe minimum of 30mm into substance being tested.
To change from C to F press and hold C/F button for 4 seconds then release
Press ON/OFF again for 6 seconds to switch off. Thermometer will switch off after 10 minutes of non use.
Range: -40°C to +240°C
°C &°F
Accuracy” +/- 1°C between 0 and 100C otherwise +/ -2°C
Battery Included.
HOLD feature: Press “HOLD” to maintain the temperature displayed.

Max/min memory function
Press the MAX/MIN button to display maximum temperature since instrument was switched on.
Press again to display the minimum temperature
Press a third time to display the current temperature
To reset memory, switch instrument off and on again

120mm Stainless steel probe
Complete with pocket case
Dimension: 200 x 20 x 15mm
LCD Dimensions:7 x 17mm