CPE apron with sleeve 45gm


Quality Waterproof PE Apron for all protection from harmful splash. Suitable for all healthcare workers, factory & food operators, long wearing, hygienic & comfortable. Suitable for House wife or housework to prevent staining to clothing’s. Made of polythene, with easy neck opening & back tie on straps.
Disposable, durable & affordable.
• Light and comfortable
• Protect clothing and skin against splash & spills
• Water proof & Oil Proof
Application: Healthcare workers, food processing factory, beauty, manufacturing, construction and hygienic application, daily used & etc

Size :120 cm X 80 cm
Weight: 45 gms Per piece
Thickness: 0.03mm
Packing: 200 pieces
Carton Dimension: 42(L) x 33(W) x 12.75(H) cm
Gross Weight: 10 kgs.