ECOBALL Enzyme for Grease Trap

ECOBALL for grease traps , removal of sludge, oils, fats, grease, eliminate odor, foul smell, prevent blockage,



ECOBALL is fully organic compound that eliminates grease, filth, slush, debris and smelly odours due to clogged pipes. It is 100% organic, non-toxic, food grade safe and fully bio-degradable. Its also kill Cockrach and prevents rats infestation.

Method of Use:

Throw 1 ~2 Ecoball into grease trap, basin or drain pipes where grease had accumulated.
Application is only 1~ Ecoball every 7 days.  Each Ecoball weight approx.: 35 gm ±5 grams.

Protect your home, restaurants, hotels, offices, airport, hospitals, shopping malls & public areas.
Cheap, Cost Effective, Efficient, Economical & Non messy
No desludging necessary, Prevents bad rancid odour.
Prevent grease cake build up or block drain pipe.
Save thousand of dollars on pumping or desludging.
Grease trap & drain pipes clear in a few days.
100 % organic, chemical free & non toxic,  Remove pathogen & prevent harmful disease.
Greaseless & clean grease trap.
If use from restaurant basin and Floor traps clears the pipe blockage due to grease cake
build-up. Proven track records in other countries