Medical oxygen regulator pin index VST-314


ACARE Medical oxygen regulator pin index VST-314 with two DISS outlet , CGA870
series are advanced oxygen regulators which can regulate accurate flow output. The lightweight Aluminum body and
all-brass pressure chamber can provide maximum safety and high performance.
The recessed adjoining body are well integrated with easy turned flow knob which is clear view in flow precise adjustment.
Light-wight aluminum body and durable
Flow lock knob
Downward facing outlet port for safety and durability
Clear flow window for flow setting
CGA870 inlet, Regulator flowrate: 0 ~ 15LPM
Outlet Pressure: 50 PSI
3 Outlets: 2 DISS + 1 Barb
1-1/2″ diameter gauge
100% quality-control testing to ensure reliability
Body size: Mini – 7.5 cm
Regular – 13.0 cm
Long – 15.5 cm