PRACTI-MAN CPR MANIKIN PLUS BLS Adult/Paediatric Manikin with CPR Feedback Digital

"Practi-Man PLUS + Transport bag w/mat* 2 in 1 Simulator* c/w Adult & Child & Siren mode"
BLS Adult/Paediatric Manikin with CPR Feedback Digital
t features a simple and intuitive digital console with Bluetooth connection to the mannequin that does not require any App or Tablet to display CPR performance
It allows real-time monitoring of students' CPR performance with the imported dummy in both adult and pediatric mode.
It is the most affordable and accessible CPR Adult/Pediatric Feedback system available on the market.
At the end of each CPR performance indicates with a percentage score the ratio between the correct and incorrectly performed compressions.
Box contents: 1 x Practi-Man Plus Mannequin, 1 x Monitor + 2 x 9V Batteries, 5 x Lung and 2 x Valves, Travel Bag/Mat, 1 x User Manual, 2 x Head Locking Clips