SUN GluteZyme Powerful grease removal


SUN GluteZyme is a food grade certified enzyme by TUV used for cleaning all the heavy and sticky grease on the stainless steel cooker hood and instantly remove all the grease and fat and make your hood feeling smooth and like new . ( usually cleaning stainless steel with detergent gives a sticky feel ) . GluteZyme can also be use to clean the oil stain on walls and table.  Just wipe with  tissue or clean cloth. No need rinsing if use on cooker hood, ceilings or oven, Safe time and manpower, cost effective in long term.

Method of usage :
Also remove heavy , sticky grease, stain from wall surfaces, tables, cooking pots, pans, ovens and cookware. Can be use to remove ammonia odor from toilet floors and walls.

Method of usage:
Spray directly onto affected areas or apply onto wet cleaning sponge or cloths & wipes clean.
For cleaning oily wall, floor and table dilution with water is 1:10.
For “Wet” Cleaning Toilet to remove ammonia smell or Greasy Kitchen floor to 1:10 .
Mix well into pail of water 1 part GluTeZyme with 20 parts water & mops or cleans toilet or rooms.
Packing: 500 ml GluTeZyme Concentrated.

Cautions: Slippery after applying on floor , need to rinse with water after 15 minutes.
Do not use on carpet, garment, fabric materials and untreated wooden as it might stain.