VeinLite is a US made product to helps doctors, nurses, medical professionals & caregiver in routine invasive procedures in venipuncture, or vein access every day. About the product Increased area of illumination Widest opening for easier access Deepest focus of any portable Veinlite Patented* color for high contrast imaging Works on dark and light skin tones Increased Area of Illumination A deeper focus and is the ideal model for use on bariatric patients 32 bright light emitting diodes (LEDs) Two LED colors optimized for vein imaging 24 orange LEDs for superficial veins 8 red LEDs for deeper veins, darker skin. There is 2 models Available VEINLITE-Paed suitable for baby or infants. Veinlite LEDX-VEINLITE LEDX brightest portable Veinlite features more orange LEDs that are easier on the eye, giving the best possible contrast for imaging veins in overweight patients and for viewing varicose and spider veins. Veinlite LEDX's deeper focus and dark red LEDs facilitate better visualization of deeper and feeder veins. The larger area of illumination speeds up vein location and sclerotherapy treatments.