Nano Shield Zinc

*Nano Shield helps to remove odor, smell & deodorize.
*Strongly anti-bacterial , anti –virus & anti- fungus.
*Natural products , non harmful, non toxic
*Effective, efficient , low cost.
*Does not affect furniture, fittings, environment & human.

Photocatalytic oxidation is achieved when Nano Shield is exposed to light source. This process creates hydrocyl radicals and super-oxide ions. These highly reactive electrons aggressively combine with other pollutants in the air (bacteria, virus, mold, fungal and volatile organic compound – VOCs),Nano Shield kills virus, bacteria, fungi and mold effectively up to 99.9% within seconds. It destroy the pollutant by decomposing the cell itself. Nano Shield does not deteriorate and it shows a long term anti-bacteria effect.Nano Shield deodorize odor with hydroxyl radicals, accelerate the breakdown of any VOCs by destroying the molecular bonds. The products (CO2 and H2O) are not harmful thus enhancing the air purifying efficiency.  A protective film of Nano Shield decomposes and removes substances that produce stain on materials and surface effectively. Self cleansing effect with antistatic, super oxidative and hydrophilic on materials and surfaces making the surface clean and void of pollutants of grease and dirt.  Who need Nano Shield?
Nano Shield is strongly recommended to be applied at hospitals, clinics, operation theatre, clean room, labs, toilets, cinemas, hotels, offices, airport, residential, child & care centers, entertainment outlets, public transports, automobiles, boats, ships, airplanes and wherever spots that require. How long does it take for Nano Shield to functions and how does it last after application?
Nano Shield dry in seconds once it is applied and it acts as a catalyst to create immediate photocatalytic effect. The premises are protected once treated.

Why Nano Shield?

Science of nanotechnology (2-3 nm, smallest in the worlds – nano particle size).
Provide self-cleansing and anti bacteria action in natural daylight / common fluorescent indoor illumination levels.
Fast and effective killing rates within seconds (Antibacterial & Antiviral efficiency).
More efficient and effective than any other antibacterial agent (produce photocatalytic reaction and it works even when there are cell covering the surface while the bacteria are actively propagating).
Non toxic, safe to be used and no side effects (classified under US FDA-GRAS, Japan Food Authorities).
Eco Friendly (Water based solution, no binders (MSDS / by products are not harmful to environment).
Minimal maintenance needed.In accordance to Malaysia Green Building Index (GBI) & Singapore Green Mark to Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)