Suction Regulator VRA721 with Safety Traps

Acare Suction Regulator 0-760mmHg with MK IV(VRA-721 ) 760 mmHg, with MK IV adapter

Acare's VacSafe Suction Regulator provides reliable, safe suctioning in continuous flow suction procedures.
The unit is specifcally designed to provide high flow rates and minimal restriction in the sickroom or operating room where requires high level suction use for patients. The variety of inlet connection can be selected according to the couplers on the hospital's wall. It's featured with easy maintenance.

*Accurate suction control within range
*Quick switch for Reg/Off/Full Vaccum
*Clear Analog Display in 2 1/2" pressure guage
*Simplified internal mechanical design for easy maintenance
*Nice outlook with durable plastic case
*Large control knob for easy setting
*Removable back plate and gasket for easy cleaning
*Available in a variety of inlet connections

The gauge is located inside the regulator body.
•Accurate suction control within ±10%.
•Quick switch between modes: Reg/Off/Full vacuum,
•Clear Analog Display of the 2 1/2" pressure gauge.
•Constant vacuum control.
•Easy to read indicator
•Large control knob for easy setting.
•Comes with a variety of inlet adapters.

Outlet connecction
1/8" Female NPT

Safety Traps are recommended to use for protecting regulators and preventing accidental overflow.
Trap fitting connection
1/8" Male NPT