Acare Oxygen regulator bull nose VSY-226

Acare Medical Oxygen Regulator with Flowmeter VSY 226
Precision control to reach accurate consumption of gas.
With Extra Long Yoke for 10 L cylinder
Outlet Flowrate: 0 ~ 15LPM
Outlet Pressure: 50 PSI
6 cm extended connector
Inlet: CGA 992 with hand tight wheel top entry
All Brass body with chrome plated.
Piston type /Diaphragm type are also available
CGA 540 - Bull nose
CGA 870- Pin Index
CGA 992- BS
2” Pressure Gauge
Crack-resistant polycarbonate tubes in transparent display
Flow output accuracy within ±10% fulfilled medical standard
Regulator’s body and Flowmeter’s body are all Brass chromed plated in for long time use and
less maintenance issue.