Brannan Clinical Oral Thermometer with flexi head 11/065/2

Easy to use digital flexi-head thermometer suitable for all ages especially babies, young children and the elderly. This model is the waterproof flexible probe model, suitable for oral use. Packaged in a clear plastic case with full instructions

* Rectal reading time: 10 seconds.
* Oral reading time: 20 seconds
* Axilliary reading time: 30 seconds
* Temperature range: 32ºC ~ 42ºC
* Division: 0.1ºC
* Accuracy: ±0.1ºC
* Battery: LR41 (Included)

Fast response
Last reading memory
Automatic shutdown
Fever Alarm
Full instructions and battery included.

Made by Brannan Thermometers,
Creater Moor Cumbria, England